How common is Peripheral Arterial Disease? [Dr. Abadir]

Q: How common is Peripheral Arterial Disease?

A: Peripheral Arterial Disease is common, and unfortunately, under-diagnosed. It’s estimated that only 10%-20% of people who have Peripheral Arterial Disease get diagnosed and treated. It’s estimated that up to 20%-30% of the general population, by the time they reach 70-years-old, will have evidence of Peripheral Arterial Disease.

Because Peripheral Arterial Disease is under-diagnosed, patients have to be their own self-advocates. If you notice increasing pain in your legs when you’re walking around, or if you have an ulcer on your foot that’s not healing, ask your doctor to compare the blood pressure in your arm and your leg. Based on the results, it’s easy for your doctor to refer you to a vascular specialist who can help with further testing and treatment.

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