Can Patients Restore Blood Flow to Their Legs and Feet Without PAD Procedures

Dr. Donikyan explains how to restore blood flow to their legs and feet without a PAD procedure. There are things that we can do that are non-procedurally related. If there are issues with cramping and difficulty walking, for example, the first thing that we try to encourage is an exercise plan. We work with our patients to walk longer distances and conditioning them to do more physical activity. In some people, exercise doesn’t work, and we go through a series of tests to see exactly what the issue is. Difficulty walking may be caused by a blockage somewhere or a narrowing in the arteries preventing blood from getting down to their lower calves and feet. In those instances, we can perform procedures to open up those blockages and narrowings and provide better blood flow to their lower legs and feet. This allows them to walk and exercise the way they used to be able to. Learn more at Schedule your consultation today at 1-833-PAD-EXPERT (1-833-723-3973).

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