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Are There Ways You Can Prevent PAD

Dr. Donikyan explains what you can do to help prevent getting PAD. Yes, former smokers are at risk for PAD. Stopping smoking is a big part of what we do. If we have to intervene and do ballooning and stenting, and patients continue to smoke, the likelihood of the work that we have done not maintaining a result is a problem. Smoking in and of itself is a problem. You’re developing plaque, that plaque is still going to be there even if you stop smoking. However, stopping smoking is important. If you do have those plaques, unfortunately, plaque can propagate and you can develop a clot that can cause occlusion in one of your arteries. There is a baseline plaque that’s formed as a former smoker. But certainly, we advocate that people stop smoking to reduce further plaque buildup. Learn more at https://americanendovascular.com/are-there-things-you-can-do-to-help-prevent-getting-pad/ Schedule your consultation today at at1-833-PAD-EXPERT (1-833-723-3973).

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