What are treatment options for diabetic foot ulcers? [Dr. Herman]

Q: What are treatment options for diabetic foot ulcers? 

A: There are many treatment options for diabetic foot ulcers and it is a multifaceted approach, beginning with the patient and their family, physicians, and other caregivers. In the early stages, it is important for patients to watch their blood sugar. Their blood sugar and the hemoglobin A1c test, which is really a record of how the blood sugar has been over the past several months, is a very key indicator in how to help heal diabetic foot ulcers. Diet and glucose control are number one. Ensuring that the area and pressure points that may have caused an ulcer are kept free of further pressure is crucial in preventing ulcer formation from worsening. Offloading, or not wearing a certain type of footwear, is one method that can be effective for this. Wound care is another key aspect of the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers and includes dressing, debridement, certain types of creams, skin substitutes, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It is also vital to address any possible infection, usually with a systemic type of antibiotic, either oral or intravenous. At the same time, the patient should be seen by a vascular specialist who can identify any arterial flow problems or any venous drainage problems that may require some form of treatment.

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