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What Happens If a Leg or Foot Wound Does Not Heal

Dr. Donikyan explains how serious it is to have a leg or foot wound that isn’t healing. It’s very serious when there’s a wound in your foot that isn’t healing. That’s an indication that there’s a lack of adequate blood flow to the area that needs healing. That means that there’s most likely a blockage or a narrowing of the blood vessel that’s responsible for providing the blood flow to that area. If after weeks and months of a wound just not healing, breaking down, it’s usually an indication that there’s not enough blood flow getting to that area. We should test to see how we can improve that, whether endovascular treatment with wounds and stents or potentially a bypass if needed. Something is wrong with the amount of blood flow that’s getting to your foot if you have a wound that’s not healing. Learn more at https://americanendovascular.com/how-serious-is-it-to-have-a-leg-or-foot-wound-that-isnt-healing/ Schedule your consultation today at at1-833-PAD-EXPERT (1-833-723-3973).

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