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How Common is PAD with People That Have Diabetes

Dr. Donikyan explains how common PAD is for people with diabetes. It’s very common. Patients with diabetes tend to have Peripheral Artery Disease. Being a radiologist, I frequently read X-rays on patients that have diabetes. You can see calcification and plaque on X-rays that have developed in all of their blood vessels. The problem is they tend to form those plaques more distally, down the line in the toes, deep in the foot. That’s why you get those amputation type settings where the plaques develop in the tiniest arteries of the hands and feet or even in the kidneys. That’s why a lot of diabetics go into renal failure. They get plaque build up in the end arteries.  It’s important to stay on top of how well those areas are perfused. If there’s any indication that there’s an issue in terms of decreased blood flow, we need to stay on top of it. It’s a lifelong battle for these patients. Learn more at https://americanendovascular.com/how-common-is-pad-with-people-that-have-diabetes/ Schedule your consultation today at at1-833-PAD-EXPERT (1-833-723-3973).

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