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Can Peripheral Arterial Disease Cause Wounds to Heal Slower

Peripheral Arterial Disease can cause wounds to heal slower. The whole healing process for a wound relies on the area of the wound receiving adequate blood flow. When there are blockages, areas of narrowing, or stenosis in the arteries providing blood to the region that has a wound, those wounds won’t heal effectively. Any treatments such as IV antibiotics won’t reach the areas that are infected appropriately. Those wounds can take a very long time to heal if they heal at all. One of the other issues is because these wounds don’t heal and are prolonged in nature, the infections can get deeper and deeper, involving the bones and becoming systemic. Knowing that the blood flow to a wound is adequate is crucial because if it’s not, we can improve the blood flow to the area and be a lot more aggressive in trying to get these wounds to heal. Learn more at

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