Do all specialists perform the Pedal Loop? [Dr. Rundback]

Q: Do all specialists perform the Pedal Loop?

A: Pedal loop angioplasty to treat the arteries in the foot, is a very specialized technique that is only performed at unique centers with expertise in treating patients with complex patterns of Critical Limb Ischemia. Not everybody does this, in fact, the great majority of doctors will limit their procedures to opening up arteries down to the level of the knee or down to the ankle. Often this prevents satisfactory results through the smaller arteries into the foot, which are necessary to allow wound healing and to prevent amputation. If you have a wound in your foot that has not healed despite prior procedures, it is necessary that you see an expert in treating pedal loop disease, such as one of my colleagues here at American Endovascular & Amputation Prevention, to provide the best solution and prevent limb loss.

More videos from the interview with Dr. Rundback of the NJ Endovascular and Amputation Prevention as he explains the Pedal Loop technique:

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