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Does PAD Increase Your Risk for Heart Attack or Stroke

Dr. Rundback explains how having PAD increases the risk of having a heart attack. Peripheral Artery Disease is the hardening of the arteries, affecting circulations outside the heart. Patients commonly experience these symptoms in their legs, resulting in pain when walking or pain at night. This pain in their legs or lower extremities may wake them from sleep or even result in ulcers that don’t heal, which can be a problem in and of itself. More importantly, Peripheral Artery Disease is what we call a coronary equivalent. It is a marker of hardening of the arteries affecting all the arteries in the body, which means that they are at higher risk of heart attacks and strokes, even if they have not had these events previously. Learn more at Schedule your consultation today at1-833-PAD-EXPERT (1-833-723-3973)

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