What is deep venous insufficiency? [Dr. Donikyan]

Q: What is deep Venous Insufficiency?

A: Venous insufficiency is when the veins in the lower extremities become incompetent. Normally, the blood is supposed to flow from your feet towards your heart, and the veins are supposed to provide the network for that blood to be returned to the heart. As we age, and there are some other confounding factors, those veins become less able to return that blood against gravity. When you’re standing, and even sitting in the upright position, the valves in the veins can become incompetent, and the blood can flow backward, back into your legs, down towards your feet, where it pools. This can cause issues with swelling, wounds, varicose veins, discomfort, and pain.

More videos from the interview with Dr. Donikyan of the Fishkill Endovascular Center as he explains more about Venous Insufficiency:

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