What are the warning signs of uterine fibroids? [Dr. Rundback]

Q: What are the warning signs of uterine fibroids?

A: Uterine fibroids are extraordinarily common. Benign growths of the uterus in women present in 25% of women overall, and 40% of African-American women. Although they’re benign, they have a very rich blood supply. It can result in heavy bleeding during the period, bleeding between periods, or pain, bloating, and discomfort. The warning signs are just those – a combination of either what we call bleeding symptoms (menorrhagia) and/or bulk symptoms. The bleeding symptoms are periods that are unusually long, require multiple pad changes, result in anemia or bleeding between periods. The bulk symptoms are pressure, pain, bloating, discomfort during sexual activity, and a sense overall of the abdomen getting larger, requiring a larger belt size.

More videos from the interview with Dr. Rundback of the NJ Endovascular and Amputation Prevention as he discusses symptoms of uterine fibroids and treatment options:

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