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Vascular Specialist in Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Andrew Hearn earned his MD from the Ohio State University College of Medicine. He completed a residency in general surgery, followed by a fellowship in vascular surgery, at Good Samaritan Hospital. He also completed a traveling fellowship at St. Thomas Hospital, London, England. Dr. Hearn is board certified in general and vascular surgery. He is an active member of the Society for Vascular Surgery, the American College of Surgery, the American Vein and Lymphatic Society, the Society for Vascular Ultrasound and the American Medical Association.

Dr. Hearn has served the Cincinnati community for more than 20 years. A well-known vascular surgeon, he has performed thousands of open, minimally invasive, catheter-based, and ultrasound-guided vascular procedures. He began his career in vascular surgery, but found that he was often treating varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency, venous stasis, leg ulcers and cellulitis. He noted that many of these patients had been improperly diagnosed and/or treated with outdated methodologies such as vein stripping. Dr. Hearn founded his practice to ensure proper care for the large number of people who suffer from poorly treated or mismanaged venous diseases.  He is still motivated every day to improve the lives of patients with venous disease and train the next generation of venous disease specialists.



The American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine

American Board of Surgery, Vascular Surgery

American Board of Surgery, General Surgery

American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

American Heart Association

American College of Surgeons


Good Samaritan Hospital, Vascular Surgery


St. Thomas Hospital, Vascular Surgery


Good Samaritan Hospital, General Surgery

Medical Degree

The Ohio State University College of Medicine

American College of Surgery

Society for Interventional Radiology

The American College of Phlebology

Society for Vascular Ultrasound

Society of Vascular Surgery

Dr. Hearn’s Specialties & Expertise

Dr. Hearn is a highly skilled vascular surgeon, specializing in several minimally invasive-image guide endovascular procedures including Amputation Prevention and Uterine Fibroid Embolization (UFE). Using the latest technology and diagnostic techniques, Dr. Hearn is able to effectively diagnose and treat patients who suffer from a wide range of vascular conditions. He will work closely with you to determine the best treatment plan in a safe and comforting outpatient environment. Those looking for high-quality, personalized care can turn to Dr. Hearn at our affiliated vascular center in Cincinnati, OH.

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