Dr. Elsie Koh

Dr. Koh

Dr. Koh is an Interventional Radiologist trained at Columbia-Presbyterian hospital in NYC and was one of a small percentage of women to enter the field of interventional radiology when only 1% of doctors in the field were women. Through the years, she was promoted through the ranks to leadership positions including being Chief Medical Informatics Officer (CMIO) and Regional Medical Officer at Fresenius Vascular Care North America. She grew 3 outpatient surgical practices from scratch, championed and mentored many interventionalists, spoke on many topics in IR at national meetings, led research projects, and co-led the national meetings.  She coaches healthcare workers on leadership skills to empower them to find their purpose and potential.

Recently, she founded a separate company, LEAD Physician, a leadership coaching program for physicians. Her passion lies in addressing the fundamental problems with the current healthcare system lacking the voice of clinicians in senior leadership roles of organizations that will allow improved work conditions for healthcare workers and systems that foster patient-centric care. She is grateful for recently joining a growing practice in the NYC tristate area with her former CEO and colleagues to help save patients from unnecessary amputation with the company, American Endovascular and Amputation Prevention.

She is a consultant to two medical device companies, loves learning and informing others on new, cutting edge procedures to help patients. She enjoys travel, exercise, music (including singing), and is married with two teenage children.

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