How does the Pedal Loop technique help with limb salvage? [Dr. Rundback]

Q: How does the Pedal Loop technique help with limb salvage?

A: Pedal loop interventions can help with limb salvage and limb preservation in patients with non-healing wounds due to diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and other conditions. The pedal loop consists of arteries in the foot that are responsible for supplying blood to the toes and the heel. Patients with blockages in the pedal loop due to diabetes and other conditions can develop wounds, ulcers, or gangrene that don’t heal without restoring blood flow. While not every person needs a pedal loop intervention, there are certainly individuals for whom, when the wounds don’t heal, this type of intervention is extremely important in order to provide the best results. Most notably, it is a procedure that not many interventionalists are comfortable performing due to the small diameter of these arteries.

More videos from the interview with Dr. Rundback of the NJ Endovascular and Amputation Prevention as he explains the Pedal Loop technique:

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