Can you describe the PAD procedure? [Dr. Donikyan]

Q: Can you describe the PAD procedure?

A: A PAD procedure is very planned out. Patients have gone through a significant number of tests before the exam, and we know exactly what we’re treating.

Depending on the type of lesion that we are treating or where the lesion is located in the leg, the access can be the same leg or the opposite leg. We can go up and over to treat it from the opposite side – it depends on what we’re dealing with. Sometimes in very few instances, we may have to access up in the arm and go down.

All of these steps are planned out ahead of time. We work through a little puncture in the artery that is about the size of the tip of a pen. All of our devices fit through the small opening.

Once we use our devices and clean out what needs to be cleaned out, potentially using balloons to open up these blockages and possibly stents if we have to, we use a closure device to close the puncture in the artery on our way out. This enables our patients to ambulate or walk much sooner after the procedure.

More videos from the interview with Dr. Donikyan of the Fishkill Endovascular Center as he describes the Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) procedure:

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